Healing Your Shoulder Replacement Scar: Top 3 Products

Shoulder Replacement Scar

Caring for Your Shoulder Replacement Scar: Top 3 Must-Have Products

Getting a shoulder replacement can be a game-changer, making everyday activities easier and pain-free. But after the surgery, you’ll have a scar. Don’t worry, though! I’m here to help you pick the best products to make your shoulder replacement scar less noticeable and more comfortable so you can return to loving life with your new shoulder.

Let’s explore the best ways to take care of that shoulder surgery scar, step by step.

Understanding Scars After Shoulder Surgery

You might be concerned about the scar if you get a shoulder replacement. The good news is that with some TLC, scars can fade away. Think of your scar as a small reminder of the enormous benefits you’re gaining, like moving without pain and getting back to your hobbies.

Scars are just part of how our bodies heal after surgery. How your shoulder replacement scar heals can depend on a few things, like whether you usually get raised scars, where your surgery was, and your past experiences with scarring. But don’t worry—there are great ways to help your scar heal better.

Know About Keloids

Keloids are raised scars that can grow bigger than the wound itself. They might look shiny and feel itchy. While they’re not harmful, they can be annoying. If you know you get keloids or scars quickly, starting care can help keep them small.

Where Your Surgery Is Matters

The spot of your shoulder replacement affects how your scar heals. Since the surgery is near a joint that moves a lot, your scar might stretch slightly. Taking care of your scar as soon as your stitches are out can help it heal faster and blend in with your skin.

Even though a scar might worry you, remember all the good stuff about getting a shoulder replacement. With the right care, your scar can heal nicely, letting you enjoy all the benefits of your new shoulder.

So, there you have it! Taking care of your shoulder replacement scar doesn’t have to be complicated. With these tips and the right products, you can help your scar heal well so it’s hardly noticeable.

ScarAid Silicone Scar Gel Stick

The ScarAid Silicone Scar Gel Stick is great for helping with Shoulder replacement scars. Its easy-to-use stick means no mess when you apply it directly to your Shoulder replacement scar. It creates a barrier that moistens the scar, helping your Shoulder replacement scar become softer and less noticeable over time. It’s not greasy and absorbs quickly, making it perfect for anyone with a Shoulder replacement scar.


  • Precise Application: Targets your Shoulder replacement scar directly, ensuring no wasted product.
  • Gentle Formula: Safe for all skin types, making it a reliable choice for Shoulder replacement scar care.


  • Trim Size: The 4.25g size may not be enough for long-term care of a Shoulder replacement scar.
  • Availability: It might be hard to find, limiting access to this effective Shoulder replacement scar treatment.

This stick is a quality option for those looking to minimize their Shoulder replacement scar with a product that’s easy and convenient to use.

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The NUVADERMIS Silicone Scar Sheets, Tape, Strips are a fantastic choice for taking care of scars from Shoulder replacements. These sheets are made with top-notch medical-grade silicone, which helps them work really well at making Shoulder replacement scars smaller, lighter, and smoother.

Applying these sheets is super easy and comfy. They’re soft and light and let your skin breathe so you can wear them all day and night without any trouble. They’re perfect for helping with Shoulder replacement scars because they don’t leave any sticky stuff behind, making your scar care routine simple and clean.


  • High-Quality Material: Made with medical-grade silicone, perfect for Shoulder replacement scar care.
  • Comfortable Wear: It can be worn 24/7 without causing discomfort, and it is ideal for continuous shoulder replacement scar treatment.


  • Time Commitment: Needs to be worn for 6 weeks to 4 months for the best results on Shoulder replacement scars, which requires patience.
  • Long-Term Use: Best results on older Shoulder replacement scars need several months of consistent use.

For anyone looking to improve the appearance of their Shoulder replacement scar, the NUVADERMIS Silicone Scar Sheets offer a reliable and effective solution. With their high-quality material and ease of use, they stand out as a top choice for Shoulder replacement scar management.

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The Advanced Silicone Scar Cream Gel is a super helper for making all kinds of scars look better, like scars from shoulder replacements, cuts, burns, or even acne. It’s great because it can be used on any part of your body, including your face, legs, and arms, and it’s safe for all skin types.

This cream is packed with unique silicone stuff that helps fix scars. When you use a little bit of this cream, it keeps working to make your skin better for 4-6 hours. It’s also gentle, so even if your skin usually gets upset quickly, you can still use it on your Shoulder replacement scar.

The cream is all about making scars less noticeable and making your skin feel softer and less itchy. You just put it on your scar 2-3 times every day. For new scars, like a fresh Shoulder replacement scar, you do this for eight weeks. For older scars, it takes about 3-6 months. Rub it on and around your scar, until it gets warm, then massage until the cream soaks in.


  • Works on All Scars: It’s great for new and old shoulder replacement scars and safe for every skin type.
  • Easy to Use: Just a few pumps and massages simplify your Shoulder replacement scar care.


  • Patience Needed: You have to use it regularly to see changes, especially on older Shoulder replacement scars.
  • Varied Results: Some people might notice significant improvements, while others may see slower progress.

The Advanced Silicone Scar Cream Gel is awesome for anyone looking to improve how their Shoulder replacement scar looks and feels. It’s got everything you need to help your scar and skin feel better.

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Finding the Right Scar Treatment: A Conclusion

Finding the Best Scar Helper After Changing Your Shoulder When we look for the top helpers to make the scar from changing your shoulder better, we found three big stars: the ScarAid Silicone Gel Stick, NUVADERMIS Silicone Sheets, and the Advanced Silicone Cream Gel. Each one is perfect for helping your shoulder look and feel better after surgery.

The ScarAid Stick is super easy to use and doesn’t make a mess. It’s just suitable for making sure your shoulder scar gets just enough gel. The NUVADERMIS Sheets are like a soft hug for your scar all day and night, making them perfect for keeping your shoulder scar happy. The Advanced Cream Gel can fight all kinds of scars, including the ones from changing your shoulder, and it’s super easy to put on your skin.

Let’s look at what’s good and what’s not so good about each one to help you pick the best one for your shoulder scar:

  • ScarAid Gel Stick: It’s perfect for focusing on your shoulder scar and is excellent for all skin types. But, it’s small so that it might run out fast, and sometimes it’s hard to find.
  • NUVADERMIS Sheets: They’re made really well and you can wear them all the time without it bothering you. But, you have to use them a lot to see changes, especially on old scars.
  • Advanced Cream Gel: It’s excellent for many scars and easy to use for your shoulder. But you have to use it a lot, and not everyone will see the same results.

In the end, all of these helpers offer different ways to make your shoulder scar better. Whether you like the exact help of a gel stick, the all-day care of sheets, or the do-it-all cream gel, there’s a choice that fits what you want and need. Getting your shoulder scar to look and feel better is your own path, and picking a suitable helper can help you feel better and more confident.

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FAQs Made Simple

1.   When can I start using these helpers after my shoulder change surgery? 

Please wait until your shoulder scar and the area around it are totally healed and your doctor says it’s okay, which is usually a few weeks after the surgery.

2.   Do these silicone helpers really make my shoulder scar better? 

Yes, silicone helpers, like the ones we talked about, are proven to make the scar’s texture, color, and overall look better by keeping it moist and safe.

3.   Can I use natural stuff with these helpers for my shoulder scar? 

These helpers work well on their own, but gently rubbing with natural oils, like vitamin E oil, might help make the scar softer and look better. Always check with your doctor before using more than one treatment.

4.   How do I pick between silicone gel and sheets for my shoulder scar? 

It’s up to you and what you like. Gels are less noticeable and easy to put on, while sheets give your scar care all the time. Think about what works best for you every day.

5.   Can I use these helpers if I have sensitive skin? 

Yes, all these helpers, including the ScarAid Stick, NUVADERMIS Sheets, and Advanced Cream Gel, are safe for any skin type because they’re gentle and well-made.

6.   What if my shoulder scar looks red or upset while I’m using these helpers? 

Stop using the helper and talk to your doctor if your shoulder scar looks red or upset. It might be a reaction to the helper or how healing goes, but it’s best to get advice from a pro.

7.   How long before I see my shoulder scar getting better with these helpers? 

It depends on how old the scar is, what kind it is, and how your skin heals. Usually, you might see it getting better in about 4-8 weeks for new scars, but older scars might take longer.

8.   Can I wear makeup over my shoulder scar while using these helpers?

For scars not on your shoulder, like on your face, you can put makeup over the gel once it’s dry. But always read the helper’s directions and talk to your healthcare person for advice about taking care of your shoulder scar.

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